Alive. It's the Only Way.

Let’s talk about living life to its fullest. It’s too short for compromises. So grab that five-dollars-better bottle of wine and sip it with no regrets. And, yeah, some live Fortune Oysters. Because it doesn’t get fresher than that.

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Pick your portion.

Fortune Oysters come in two sizes: Cocktail and Choice. So you can match the oyster to the occasion. From a casual little picnic to a Netflix binge, Fortune Oysters pair well with anything.

Pairs With Whatever.

C’mon, you know rules are meant to be broken. It’s why you share your Spotify account info with friends. And, it’s why you can break out the Fortune Oysters any time you feel like it. Like right now. Or ten minutes from now.

A nice wine– Or, a not-so-great-but-still-totally-OK-you-honestly-won’t-go-blind-wine. It’s tough to go wrong, so just match the oysters to your budget.

Dinner Parties– The worst thing about dinner parties is not knowing what people say about yours after they leave. But you can count on this: if you’re not serving oysters, it’s bad. Very bad.

A third date— If you find yourself on one without oysters, let's face it, the relationship is going nowhere and you might as well just break up.

Monday Night Football– Without oysters? Sounds as bad as your fantasy picks last week. Don't go 0-16, pick some Fortune Oysters up tonight.

Nice Package.

Glad you noticed. Fortune Oysters come to you in sealed, leak-proof trays. That way, every bit of your North Atlantic treat ends up in your mouth, and never messes up the bottom of your shopping bag.