East Coast vibes.

Canada’s east coast is a bit of a northern paradise. There’s something about coastal living that invites us to kick back, enjoy, and not overthink things. One of those somethings is also Fortune Oysters—grown and harvested only here off the coast of Nova Scotia.

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We think too many people live too cautiously. We don’t like barriers, but we like open-minded people who enjoy breaking them. We believe in eating foods you enjoy, simply because you enjoy them. And when you live life by your own rules, you stumble upon experiences you wouldn’t have found any other way. Then you come back to them again. And again, and again…

Here's How

Oysters Are Our Thing.

The best chefs, winemakers, and brewmasters spend years studying and perfecting their craft. They dedicate their lives to them. That’s us with oysters. Fortune’s researchers, field workers, and technology experts know oysters better than anyone. You might not want to know our names, but you do want our skills.


You Know, We Know.

To end up with the best oysters, you need the best people. At Fortune, we’re a hardworking crew of specialists in every discipline involved. From researchers and field workers, to scientists and technological experts. Like you, we know a good oyster when we taste one.


To end up with the best oysters, you need to start with the best people. • Whitehead, Nova Scotia
No reservations? That’s the spirit! Live in the moment. Dive in. Enjoy irresponsibly. • Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
Crystal clear, ice cold North Atlantic waters, perfect for growing the world’s best oysters. • Whitehead, Nova Scotia
Get together with some oysters tonight. And sure, a few friends. But more oysters. • Halifax, Nova Scotia
Fortune Oysters are live right up to the moment you shuck them. It doesn’t get fresher than that. • Whitehead, Nova Scotia
There are things about coastal living that tell you to kick back and enjoy.Fortune Oysters is one of them. • Blomidon, Nova Scotia
Fortune Oysters stay delicious in your fridge for 30 days. But who can resist them that long. • Whitehead, Nova Scotia

Make oysters your life too.

We’re not a family. We’re not a team. So we aren’t asking you to join our family or be part of our team. What we are, though, is oyster lovers. And if you are too, maybe we should talk.

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